UCMDMP Complaint Procedure - AiMeD

UCMDMP Complaint Procedure - AiMeD

1. Procedure of Lodging a Complaint:


1.1 All complaints, related to the breach of the code should be

addressed to the "Ethics Committee for Pharma Marketing

Practices (ECMDP)", Forum Coordinator, "Association of

Indian Medical Device Industry (AiMeD)" at email id :



1.2 All complaints about any one activity of breach of code

should to the extent practicable be made at one time. The

complaint must be made within three month of breach of code.

    1. Complaints must be in writing and for each case THE COMPLAINANT should:

i) identify himself (whether a company or an individual) with a full mailing address (email id, if possible, mobile telephone nos.). When the complaint is from a pharmaceutical company. the complaint must be signed or authorized in writing by the company's managing director or chief executive or equivalent and must state those clauses of the Code which are alleged to have been breached.

ii) identify the company which is alleged to be in breach of the Code, and the name of any company personnel, product or products which are specifically involved.

iii) give the details of the activity which is alleged to be in breach of the Code.

iv) give the date of the alleged breach of the Code.

V) provide supporting evidence of the alleged breach(es).


1.4 When it appears from media reports (other than letters to the editor of a publication) that a company may have breached the Code, the matter will be treated as a complaint and the committee may request the concerned publication for further information.

1.5 A published letter, from which it appears that a company may have breached the Code, will be dealt with as a complaint with the author being treated as the complainant.

1.6 Any complaint received by the Department of Pharmaceuticals regarding Member Company of AiMeD may also be forwarded to AiMeD for necessary action. In such cases, AiMeD will further take up the matter with the complainant directly.


2. Procedure of Handling of Complaints

2.1 Once a complaint is lodged, the process of enquiry shall be completed by the committee even if it is withdrawn.

2.2 The Head of the association will personally take note of the complaint.

2.3 The Head of the association will refer the complaint to the senior most (by designation) member (Chairman) of ECMDMP and also indicate the names of other two members of the committee in case of conflict of interest.

2.4 The decision will be made by majority.

2.5 When the committee(ECMDMP) receives information from which it appears that a company may have contravened the Code, the managing director or chief executive or equivalent of the company concerned will be requested to provide a complete response to the matters of complaint.

2.6 To assist companies in ensuring that a complete response is submitted the committee may suggest to the respondent company about the relevant supporting material to be supplied. It is the responsibility of the respondent company to ensure that a full response is submitted.


2.7 The company against which the complaint is made should provide supporting evidence even if it thinks that the Code has not been breached.


2.8 The respondent company shall submit its comments and supporting documents to the committee within 10 working days after receipt of information from the committee.

2.9 The Committee shall render a decision within 30 days of receipt of the complaint with supporting documentation and shall promptly notify the parties of its decision, and the reasons therefore, in writing and by registered mail.

2.10 Where the committee decides no breach of the Code because it considers the matter of complaint is not within the scope of the Code, the complainant will be so advised in writing.

2.11 Where the committee, after enquiry decides that there is breach of the Code, the complainant and the respondent company are so advised in writing and are given the reasons for the decision.

2.12 If there is no request of review within the stipulated period of 30 days, the decision of ECMDMP shall be final and binding, and adherence to the decision shall be a condition of continued membership of the Association.

3 Payment Process :

A non-refundable amount of Rs.1,000/- is to be deposited by the complainant along with the complaint. Payment may be made online by AiMeD payment gateway at https://aimedindia.com/subscribe.