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Company Name:   Transasia Bio-Medicals Limited
Type of company:
»   Medical Device Manufacturer
»   Primary Member (Medical Device Manufacturer)
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Name:   Manish Airan Name:   Suresh Vazirani
Designation:   AVP - Quality Designation:  
Address:   Transasia House, 8, Chandivali Studio Road Andheri East Address:   Transasia House, 8, Chandivali Studio Road Andheri East
Town:   Mumbai Town:   Mumbai
State:   Maharashtra State:   Maharashtra
PIN Code:   400072 PIN Code:   400072
Email: Email:
Tel. No:   02240309030 Tel. No:   02240309030
Fax No:   022 28573030 Fax No:   022 28573030
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Product Class:   A
ISO 13485 Certification:   Yes Issued by: UL
CE MARK:   Yes Issued by: Self Certified CE
ICMED Certification:   Yes Issued by: UL
Manufacturing License:   Yes Issued by: FDA Daman, FDA Baddi, FDA Sikkim
Free Sale Certificate MOH:   Yes Free Sale Certificate DGFT:   Yes
Year of incorporation:   1979 No. of Employees:   1300
Turnover:   One Thousand Crores (1000.00 Crore)
Products List – “List of Products Manufactured in India”
»   Analyser appliances
»   Devices and systems for haemoglobin determination
»   Devices and systems for glucose determination units
»   Electrolytes(without electrodes)
»   Substrates
»   Rapid tests - Immunochemistry
»   Differential cell counters
»   Equipment and systems for blood gas analysis
»   Devices and systems for coagulation analysis
»   Haematology cell counters
»   Haematology reagents
»   Hepatitis Viruses
»   Equipment and systems for HIV determination units
»   Controls/Standards/Calibrators - Infection immunology
»   Rapid tests - Infectious immunology