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Company Name:   test exporter
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»   Exporter
»   Academician
AiMeD Associate Member
»   Technology Supplier
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Name:   bbjkbbbk Name:   dsdasf
Designation:   Designation:  
Address:   kbkbkbbkbb Address:   fdsfsdf
Town:   kbkbk Town:   sdfsdfsf
State:   Jammu and Kashmir State:   Jharkhand
PIN Code:   788888 PIN Code:   355435
Tel. No:   Tel. No:   45678987
Fax No:   Fax No:  
Website:   Website:
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ISO 13485 Certification:   Issued by:
CE MARK:   Issued by:
ICMED Certification:   Issued by:
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Free Sale Certificate MOH:   Free Sale Certificate DGFT:  
Year of incorporation:   2016 No. of Employees:   101
Product Specialization
»   Consumables
     »  Stethoscopes( HSNCode: 90189012)
     »  Bedding( HSNCode: )