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Company Name:   S.M.Healthcare Products Pvt. Ltd
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»   Medical Device Manufacturer
»   Exporter
»   Importer
»   Marketing Co
»   Primary Member (Medical Device Manufacturer)
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Name:   Shyam R Verma Name:   Shwetabh Verma
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Address:   14/95, Geeta Colony, Delhi-110031 Address:   14/95, Geeta Colony, Delhi-110031
Town:   Delhi Town:   Delhi
State:   Delhi State:   Delhi
PIN Code:   110031 PIN Code:   110031
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Product Class:   B
ISO 13485 Certification:   Issued by:
CE MARK:   Issued by:
ICMED Certification:   Issued by:
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Free Sale Certificate MOH:   Free Sale Certificate DGFT:  
Year of incorporation:   1995 No. of Employees:   9
Turnover:   (1.25 Crore)
Products List – “List of Products Manufactured in India”
»   Syringes, W/N With Needles
»   Catheters ( for Urine, Stool)
»   Other Tubular Metal Needles
»   Others
»   Hollow Needles for Injection , aspiration, biopsy and Transfusion
»   Hilerio Venus Fistula Needles
»   Innowiz PCNL learning Model