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Company Name:   SGS India Private Limited
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»   Consultant
»   Certification and Notified Body for Medical Devices
AiMeD Associate Member
»   Regulatory Consultant
»   IMDRRG Member
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Name:   Sonali Kandalkar Name:   Arup Jana
Designation:   Head Sales – Regulatory Services Designation:   Head – Certification Sales
Address:   SGS House , 4B , A.S. Marg , Vikhroli (W) Mumbai -400083 , India Address:   Ecospace , Block 3A, 2nd Floor , East Wing, Premises IIF/11, Action Area - II, Rajarhat, New Town, Kolkata - 700160
Town:   Vikhroli Town:   Rajarhat, Kolkata
State:   Maharashtra State:   West Bengal
PIN Code:   400083 PIN Code:   380054
Tel. No:   08976824740 Tel. No:   9433220320
Fax No:   Fax No:   3322420745/22481745
Website: Website:
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Product Class:   A
ISO 13485 Certification:   No Issued by:
CE MARK:   No Issued by:
ICMED Certification:   No Issued by:
Manufacturing License:   No Issued by:
Free Sale Certificate MOH:   No Free Sale Certificate DGFT:   No
Year of incorporation:   1950 No. of Employees:   2000
Product Specialization
     »  Technical equipment managenent, Test Houses/Certification Bodies( HSNCode: )