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Company Name:   Ogive technology
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»   Medical Device Manufacturer
»   Technology enablers
AIMED Primary Member
»   Primary Member (Medical Device Manufacturer)
»   Designers and Developer
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Name:   Mily Saxena Name:   Parnika Shrivastava
Designation:   Designation:  
Address:   Ogive Technology, Near L V Prasad eye Institute, Kismatpur, Bandlaguda Address:   Ogive Technology, Near L V Prasad eye Institute, Kismatpur, Bandlaguda
Town:   Hyderabad Town:   Hyderabad
State:   Telangana State:   Telangana
PIN Code:   500086 PIN Code:   500086
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Year of incorporation:   2016 No. of Employees:   25
List of Products Manufactured in India
     »  Archiving and documentation( HSNCode: )
     »  Computer hardware for surgeries, hospitals and laboratories( HSNCode: )
     »  Internet services / Online services( HSNCode: )
     »  Communication systems( HSNCode: )
     »  Readers/Scanning systems( HSNCode: )
     »  Medical data bases( HSNCode: )
     »  Organisational equipment( HSNCode: )
     »  Software for old peoples and nursing homes( HSNCode: )
     »  Software for hospitals/rehabilitation centres/spas( HSNCode: )
     »  Software for laboratories( HSNCode: )
     »  Software for surgeries( HSNCode: )
     »  Software for manufacturers of medical products( HSNCode: )
     »  Software for non-medical practitioners and physiotherapists( HSNCode: )
     »  Software for medical service suppliers( HSNCode: )
     »  Telemedicine( HSNCode: )
     »  Others( HSNCode: COMMUNICATION -others)
»   Electronics
     »  Printed circuit assemblies for the goods of sub ? heading902780( HSNCode: 90279020)
     »  Reports and analyses( HSNCode: )
     »  In-patient and out-patient care( HSNCode: )
     »  Professional institutions( HSNCode: )
     »  Trade literature( HSNCode: )
     »  Care services( HSNCode: )
     »  Logistics services( HSNCode: )
     »  Technical equipment managenent, Test Houses/Certification Bodies( HSNCode: )