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Company Name:   CSA India Pvt.Ltd
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»   Medical Device Manufacturer
»   Testing Inspection and certification of Electro medical devices
AiMeD Associate Member
»   Certification Assessment Body
»   IMDRRG Member
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Name:   Arun R Name:  
Designation:   Technical Account Manager Designation:  
Address:   CSA India Pvt Ltd Beary's Global Research center Whitefield Hoskote Road Bangalore Address:  
Town:   Bangalore Town:  
State:   Karnataka State:  
PIN Code:   560068 PIN Code:  
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Tel. No:   7349288337 Tel. No:  
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Product Class:   B
ISO 13485 Certification:   No Issued by:
CE MARK:   No Issued by:
ICMED Certification:   No Issued by:
Manufacturing License:   No Issued by:
Free Sale Certificate MOH:   No Free Sale Certificate DGFT:   No
Year of incorporation:   1919 No. of Employees:   2000
Product Specialization
»   Spectrophotometers
»   Spectrometers
»   Other
»   Others
»   Chromatographs and electrophoresis instruments
»   Other
»   For other uses
»   For medical, surgical, dental or veterinary uses
»   X- ray generators and apparatus (non ? portable)
»   Instrument and apparatus for measuring blood pressure
»   Electro-cardiographs
»   ARTIFICIAL Dialysis Apparatus and Haemodialyser (Portable / Non- Portable)
»   Other Diagonostics Instruments
»   Other Electro - Diagnostc Aparatus
»   Other- Electro - Diagnostc Apprts
»   X-ray valves
»   X-ray tubes
»   Echo cardiograph
»   Radiation generation units
»   Computed tomography apparatus
»   Electro encephalographs
»   Linear ultrasound scanner
»   Ultra-Violet or infra-red ray apparatus
»   Magnetic resonance imaging apparatus
»   Electroencephalographs (EEG)
»   Electromedical instruments and instruments for neurological diagnosis
»   Computer Assisted Tomographs (CT)
»   X-ray devices and accessories