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Company Name:   Accredited Consultants Pvt. Ltd.
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»   Medical Device Manufacturer
»   Exporter
»   Importer
»   Consultant
AiMeD Associate Member
»   Regulatory Consultant
»   QMS Consultant
»   Training, Learning & Development Organisations, Skill Development Centers
»   Clinical Trials
Management Consultants
»   Regulatory Consultant
»   Management System Consultant (Quality Systems)
»   Strategic Advisory Consultants
»   Branding and Marketing Consultants
»   Supply Chain Management Consultants
»   IPR Consultants
»   EXIM Consultants
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Name:   Charavu Sathya Prasad Name:   Gopal Chandra
Designation:   Designation:  
Address:   B-3 SECTOR-6 NOIDA-201301, INDIA Address:   B-3 SECTOR-6 NOIDA-201301, INDIA
Town:   NOIDA Town:   NOIDA
State:   Uttar Pradesh State:   Uttar Pradesh
PIN Code:   201301 PIN Code:   201301
Tel. No:   9266665201 Tel. No:   9266665249
Fax No:   Fax No:  
Website: Website:
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ISO 13485 Certification:   Issued by:
CE MARK:   Issued by:
ICMED Certification:   Issued by:
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Free Sale Certificate MOH:   Free Sale Certificate DGFT:  
Year of incorporation:   2007 No. of Employees:   70
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